“You will LOVE it here”
The best way to describe Rivermount House is to say that it’s the B&B equivalent of the Ritz-Carlton. The rooms are FAR superior to a normal B&B, more like the Ritz. The breakfasts are just amazing; Gourmet. The price is reasonable and the owners and staff welcoming. There is a very nice sitting room with computer. Large parking lot by Irish standards. They have wireless internet, 110 and 220 electric. VERY clean. It is a bit off the beaten path, but nearly everything, worth your time, is in Ireland; you will not be disappointed. We were very surprised at how many travelers ‘found’ this B&B; it’s like it’s a well-kept secret among those who know. There is very little that would entice me back to Ireland other than some of the people, the natural beauty… and as odd as it sounds, we’d return to stay again at Rivermount House. In a Country which overstates and over charges (to be polite) nearly everything and very, very often disappoints Rivermount House is a breath of integrity, fresh air, value, and quality.